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Happy Independance Day!.. but it’s not so fun here in England 

(Please excuse my singing after all I had been running for a good hour and i’m not the fittest of lads :))

I’m so happy they didn’t use gloom’s face for metapod


A pokefusion! Better late than never.
I imagine it hurts to be on fire all the time

The warm summer breeze bathes your body in warmth

with friends and family

smiling and laughing

the sound of shoes touching the patio 

the sudden rush of rain makes the garden glimmer and shine

you never stop to treasure the moment

you never stopped laughing, talking, crying

the sounds which soaked through but never absorbed

the reality that it might


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the most serious 4 year old


the most serious 4 year old

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Every time I have my best friend over I always believe that I have a thing for him but in reality I fall in love more over the thought of getting close to a guy than actually being close with him. It’s quite confusing and I must say that i’d rather not have the feelings there because it would make gatherings less awkward. 

I always wonder that the only reason why my best friends always want to have a sleepover is so that they can socialize with each other without it being awkward.

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